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The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
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The Secret Garden was a surprise favorite of mine when I was younger. I am refereeing to the movie. My mother purchased the 1987 Hallmark version on VHS for me sometime in the late 80s. The story seemed really dull by description (who gives a crap about a garden?!) but one day I watched it on a bored whim -expecting nothing- and totally fell in love with it. That is still my favorite version of the film.

A few years ago I finally forced myself into the habbit of reading a couple books a month which I had always wanted to do since I was younger having had read only a handful of books through my highschool days. This book had always been on my to-read list but I hadn’t given it much thought in lieu of the more popular titles that have taken up my time since I became a bibliophile.

Even now, I still hadn’t had the gumption to give it a go but was on a 7hr road trip with family that had varying musical preferences. And so while we drove silently without music (being bored to death) it occurred to me that we would all appreciate a book-on-tape. I flipped through the Audible listing for titles under $10 since I was broke, and we all agreed on Secret Garden narrated by Vanessa Maroney. It’s $9 price agreed with my bank account, and the car full of women agreed with a classic that none of us had yet gotten to would be a great choice.

We got through 11 chapters before getting home, and since I owned it and was hooked, I completed the audio book over the next couple days. Oddly enough, even though I own the eBook, I preferred allowing this version to be told to me as the narrator was really amazing. I am not normally a big fan of audio books because they seem to be reading very slowly and enunciating unnaturally which becomes my focus instead of the story, but this one was different. She had different accents and slights to her voice when she read different characters, but not in that completely overdone way that forces you to lose focus. I felt like I was listening one of those old radio programs from before mainstream TV. It was very refreshing. I plan on letting her read A Little Princess to me next time.

The Secret Garden 1987 Hallmark version (my favorite)

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