Review: Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I seriously don’t know which “shelf” to put this book into! Is it dystopian? horror? comedy? romance? gothic/macabre? seriously…?

I loved it. I read it in one sitting (minus a four hour nap) which I rarely do. Although, this was pretty short, so..

I heard about this book via the Movie Preview that I saw during the theater release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 and was instantly excited to watch the movie. When I got home, I looked it up and saw the book attached and, of course, purchased it immediately on my Kindle. The books are always better than the movies, and this movie looked awesome so I started reading it immediately. I saw that movie yesterday at 11am and got home at around 2pm. I took a four hour nap and finished the book before I made breakfast at around 6am.

I loved the character of “R”. I really wish that there was more detail to the story, it was so short that it really could have used a lot more… but I can’t fault it too much because I loved it anyway – mostly I just want MORE!!!!!!!! This story of R is so different from any other zombie story. His perspective and inner dialog as he grunts and groans through his meaningless existence gripping to shadows of past lives by “having a girlfriend” and “going to church” even “getting married” and “adopting [zombie] children” is too hilarious to even consider without feeling like you are reading a comedy yet there is something outstandingly sad about that existance. Partly because these are humans you are reading about that no longer remember how to be human, I guess.

I will be telling anyone and everyone about this amazing book and really look forward to the second book!!!!!!!!!

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