Review: Watchers

Watchers by Dean Koontz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of those books that once I really pushed myself to finish, really liked. I feel like I must explain myself on this one though, which I don’t usually care to do on a 3 star rating. I have a reason for giving a good story no more than 3 stars and this book fell into that category.

Books I cannot put down and love to the end get 5 stars.
Books that I really enjoyed but was not obsessed with get 4 stars.
Books that I had a hard time reading but enjoyed by the end get 3 stars.
Books that I didn’t like but did finish get 2 stars. Books that I hated and probably quit on at some point or all together get 1 star.

This book was really good once it was finished…but because I had to push myself through several parts and dreaded reading on occasion…it got only 3 stars. I still liked it, though. In fact, I quite enjoyed it by the end.

I will say that it was not nearly as “suspenseful” as was advertized. It was also not scary at all which was disappointing. But there were parts that I really loved as well. For instance, all the parts with the dog were very entertaining. I also enjoyed the hit-man on occasion as he was so OCD about germs, and disease which was odd considering his profession.

My favorite parts were when the dog, Einstein, was learning to speak. Or when he used the letters to spell out jokes or witty commentary. My favorite thing in the whole book was his cute obsession with Micky Mouse and how his mate and his children all had Micky names!!!! Soo friggin’ adorable!!!

I will say, too, that I was pretty convinced that The Outsider had not killed Einstein ▬especially once Travis refused to show the grave-site- and was both relieved and irritate by the lack of cunning, when I found I was correct.

Overall it’s a good story but was more predictable than I would have thought of a Koontz book considering his reputation. I was severely disappointed by his writing style since I was led to believe him to be the likes of Stephen King, whose book I love. This being one of his more known stories tells me that it may be the cream of the crop. And even though I did enjoy this book, I doubt I’ll pickup another Koontz book in the future.

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