I miss my ring

I don’t hate my temporary ring,
but I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever wear my real wedding ring again…  Cris almost never wears his either these days. He got out of the habit in the oilfields because of safety regulations…  It makes me sad in a way.

My old ring was a size 5.25 but the pregnancy changed my ring size.

My actual wedding ring

Toward the 3rd trimester, my swelling got bad and i couldn’t wear jewelry. Plus I had horrible carpal tunnel which lasted until around 3 months post pregnancy.  At that point, the ring just didn’t fit.  I had it resized to 5.75 (which the jeweler insisted would be enough).  But it kept getting stuck on my finger so I had to stop wearing it all together.  I have to resize it again, most likely… but it is really costly to do so because of the 4 fused bands.  And I am not positive that my finger isn’t still just fat because I gained weight with my new health problems.  I am reluctant to enlarge it if I might have thin in my future.

The One temporary Ring

For now, I wear The One Ring.


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