Pregnancy Journal: Second Trimester 1/6/17 – April.. 

We made it to the second trimester!!!  That is a very big deal with pregnancies considering the chance for miscarriage lowers significantly.  Very big reason to celebrate.


At 16 weeks along, with Bronson, we went to get an ultrasound at Baby Sightings to find out that he was a boy.  We wanted to do the same this time as well.  Since everyone has been sure it is a girl, we decided to wait an extra couple weeks since we figured that girl parts were harder to spot.

So at 18 weeks, 1/30/17, we went to Baby Sightings.

and…. ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Figuring out a girl name has been tough.  We really liked Lydia Faye but the name “Lydia” is crazy popular right now and we were worried she would have to deal with more than one Lydia in her class.  Neither of us want that for her.  Cris didn’t like it, and I was always glad for my name’s uniqueness so I didn’t have to be called “Taja B” or somesuch nickname, etc.

We narrowed down many girl names each of us liked but we couldn’t agree on.  I liked names like Elvira, Zelda, Raven, Willow, Penelope, etc.  Cris liked Clara, BillySue, and other old fashioned names.  We agreed on a name a month later.

And welcome to the world (in a few months) EVIE JO MEADOWS!!!

Evie is a name we both liked since hearing it on V for Vendetta. It is spelled different on the movie, but Evey isn’t as common a spelling for the name and appeared to be pronounced “E-Vehy” to me.  Evie is pronounced “Eee-Vee” which is what we wanted.  There is a very popular game right now called Pokemon in which a character is called Eevee as well right now, but when I looked it up, it isn’t popular so hopefully the game will fall away by the time Evie is old enough to have friends & school.  If not, the character is super cute fluffy bunny looking creature so I doubt she could get made fun of for it.

The middle name was going to be Faye after my mother’s middle name, and because my Gramma Josie used it to honor her sister Faye who died as a toddler.  But Evie Faye didn’t sound right.  So we had to re-tool the idea a bit.  Bronson’s middle name is Cole which is short for Colleen, Cris’s paternal Grandmother who recently passed away.  I realized we could use the same formula for my Gramma Josephine who went my Josie & Jo more often than not.  Jo seemed like a neat idea and sounds cute with Evie.  So Evie Jo Meadows – is official!

If she is actually a boy in there… and they were wrong in gender determination… then the boy name we will use is Ivan Jo Meadows.  Magnus was Cris’s fave this time around, and I really liked names like Dylan, Simon, Manson, etc.  But Ivan and Evie are good considering that I have been thinking of HER as EVIE now for a while…. and if the baby comes out as a boy, then Ivan will be a simpler transition, mentally, I think.  Plus Cris and I really like that show Alaska The Last Frontier about a family who lives the old way, living off of their planted foods and hunting, etc.  The main badass in the show is called Eivin. That is an odd spelling though, and Ivan is pronounced the same way.  Plus Ivan & Bronson are good brother-names.  Evie & Bronson are not so similar but for a boy/girl sibling situation, I don’t think it matters so much.


Evie is 21 weeks, & 2 days gestation as of today.  She has been moving around a TON more suddenly and tonight Cris felt her kick for the first time!!!  I really like that – its the first time anyone outside myself has felt her movement and I am glad it was her daddy.

22 Weeks. 

Heartburn has begun. Appetite has dramatically decreased. Putting on shoes has become more difficult… 

But I’ve made major progress On Evie’s baby blanket.  ☺️

More to come…. I will keep adding to this post until the end of this trimester.  -Taja



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