Second Trimester Journal… {1/2/14 – 4/3/14}

Since I did a First Trimester Journal, I figured I may as well follow that up with Second & Third Trimester Journals as well.

Cris & I went looking at Babies R Us today.  Now that Second Trimester is here, I feel much more confident and really wanted to see baby stuff and see what we might want to get when we register for the baby shower.  On the way over there, we saw that Baby Sightings is in the same shopping center so we stopped in to see how it all works for the Gender Determination.  I am 14 weeks as of today, and they say you can find out the gender as early as 16 weeks!  We made an appointment with them for Jan 18th!  I will be just over 16 weeks by then. I am so excited!!!!  After that we went to Babies R Us and browsed cute baby stuff.  Their furniture is not as expensive as I would have guessed so that makes me feel a little better..

I suddenly had severe bladder pains around 2am.  Cris was sleeping on the couch so I woke him up to see if he would drive me over to Wallgreens to get some Azo.  I had looked it up and determined it was not on the bad medicine list so I really wanted some to make the pain go away.  I figure if I take it for a couple days I can wait for my doctor visit and not go to the urgent care.

Doctor visit was tomorrow but I got it moved up one day because my bladder still hurts. Doc confirmed I have a bladder infection and prescribed a specific mild antibiotic used for treating bladder infections in pregnant women called Macrobid.  I have 5 days of meds ahead of me. I really hope it kicks in immediately…

Bladder pain is finally starting to subside…2 days after beginning meds.

BABY SIGHTINGS APPOINTMENT IS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had so much fun today! The suspense was crazy!!

1/18/14: ITS A BOY!!! Gender Determination Ultrasound 16weeks

We began by meeting my mom, brother, and grampa at Jamba Juice for a treat as suggested.  They said that the cold sugary fruit smoothy is one of the best ways to get the baby to move around during the ultrasound.  They want to be sure the baby moves around enough that they can read the gender.  After I died of a major brain freeze, we met the rest of the family over at Baby Sightings.  Sara & Susan surprised us with baby-related gifts: Sara got a clay mold for the baby’s hand print and Susan got a frame for the ultrasound pic.  Norma, my sisters, Tom, and Marion were also there.  We all went into a large room with a made twin bed and seats around the walls, with a humungous TV.  The ultrasound was gigantic on that TV!  She began with way too much ultrasound jelly… and put on soft instrumental music, dimmed the lights, and started to look around inside.  She looked for about 4 minutes before finally typing on the screen -slowly for extra suspense- Its………………a……………..BOY!  Cris and I immediately began to cry due to too much emotion.  We both secretly wanted a boy first.  We want both, but we wanted our girl to have a big brother. We had two names picked out.   For a girl, it would have been Lydia Faye.  Since it is a boy, our son will be named: Bronson ColeFull Baby Sightings pictures & video can be seen here.

1/20/14: Taja at 16weeks, 5days pregnant

Belly Picture taken today!! 16 Weeks, 5 Days.

Baby has been moving around a lot more today, all of the sudden.  I still have yet to feel the “flutter” or “quickening” everyone talks about, though.  My boy doesn’t tap lightly, he has been nudging me all day!  Best way to describe it is like a muscle spasm, tensing of tissue, but not in my muscles…  It feels super weird.

Baby is still nudging all of the time.  Still no flutters.  Today, my mom and I went to buy maternity clothing.  My belly is getting bigger and the nudges seem to happen most when I am sitting forward and the button & zipper of my jeans seem to be pushing into my lower belly… I am going to have to get maternity pants to fix that.  We ended up getting one pair of pants (I need to try these weird pants out a while before investing more money) and a few maternity tshirts with the rouching on the sides.  We also traversed the entire mall looking for anything that would work as a maternity dress but I guess empire wasted dresses are super out of style because nothing was found.  I hate the mall!


2/3/14: This is what my belly looks like from my perspective.
18weeks 4days (end of 4th month)

Month 5 begins today! Daily nudges now. He is moving around all of the time!!!!

2/6/14: Taja at 19weeks pregnant, Beginning month 5!

Acne?!!??? I can’t believe I woke up with acne! I will be going onto for a proactiv refill before bedtime! Stupid hormones are mistaking pregnancy for puberty!

I took my 5th month belly picture today. 19 Weeks!

Feeling really sluggish today. My novels have been putting me to sleep lately which is really making me sad. I miss reading. Maybe he is in a growth spurt… maybe that is why I am so tired.

Doctor visit today. Had a scare with the Doppler… it took the doctor a moment longer than before to find the heartbeat. Since that is how I found out I was miscarrying two years ago, I started internally freaking out a little. You could actually hear my heartbeat pick up in the Doppler before she found him. I was very relieved, to say the least. But she found him, and his heartbeat sounded strong as always. He was residing on the far left side of my belly instead of the right where she began the search. I still didn’t like that. It took me several hours to calm down and stop worrying.

2/15/14: Khali, obstructing work on a leather sewing job.

20 WEEKS, BABY!!!!!!!!!! I AM OFFICIALLY HALFWAY DONE!!! More & more nudges & kicks daily now. I even felt him kick through my skin today!!!!! I am having heartburn all of the time now, which really sucks. I hate tums! Yuck! My cat Khali won’t leave me alone! She refuses to let me lay anywhere without being right near me. Even as I sewed patches onto Cris’s riding vest, she would not relent! It is cute but sometimes, it makes it really hard to function.

We painted the gameroom today! That was step one to getting the nursery finished. Next, we paint & hang the shelves, then move the movies onto the new shelves, thus freeing up the front room so we can paint it and turn it into a nursery. It feels good to get something done.

Major back pains today… Really bad. I couldn’t find a comfortable spot or way to lay down. I miss Advil. Baby kicked a lot tonight!!! Cris still hasn’t felt him kick though. Every time he puts his hand on my belly, the baby immediately stops. It makes me sad.

CRIS FELT THE BABY KICK!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried.

I woke up today with INTENSE, SHARP, STABBING pains on my left side today around 5am. It hurt so badly to just move and I had to pee so I had to stand and walk and realized how much worse it could get. It was worse than ovulation pains, and in around the same area… and lasted way longer. After immediately reading up about possible issues on the internet to see if I should go to the urgent care, I found out that all signs point to Round Ligament pains. Apparently this is not only common, but one of the symptoms of pregnancy. So, that totally blows. I will wait it out… if more symptoms creep up then I might still have to go in which I always avoid.

2/26/14: This is what my belly looks like to me. It seems so big and in the way now!

Still in INTENSE pain today. I am really convinced now that the Round Ligament is the problem. It is like a tendon holding up the uterus and when stretching, screams like a girl and pisses off the uterus owner causing immense pains… stupid ligament.

3/3/14: 22 Weeks, 5 Days, Month 6 begins today!!!

MONTH 6 BEGINS TODAY!!!!!!!! New belly picture taken! Look how big it got!! Crazy!

I went to random stores today and had 2 strangers ask me when I was due! I guess the belly is leaving little to question, now. Where before people may have wondered if I was just fat, now they seem certain that I am pregnant! Yay! On a sadder note, one of the stores was a shoe store and I had a hard time fitting into my normal size 8. Do Payless Shoes run small? Or am I already swelling?? I hoped it was the former…but when I went to bed my wedding ring also seemed snugger than normal. I left it on the bedside table during sleep, just in case.
I should also mention how much harder it has been for me to move around lately. Ever since the ligament pains began, not only does it hurt more, but I feel like my belly got much bigger over the last couple weeks. Sitting and laying down are a chore, now. Sleeping requires several pillows and no position is a guarantee of comfort. I wake up in pain every 2 hrs and have to pee. It is really hard to get in and out of bed in that much pain, and getting comfortable enough to fall asleep again is real work. This is a large change from the previous weeks when helping Cris paint was fairly easy, although getting up from the ground required more effort it was nothing like this. I fear I am entering the more difficult stage of pregnancy. If it is this uncomfortable now, I can’t imaging how exacerbated the situation will be once the baby doubles, tripples, quadruples in size before delivery. It is scary to think about.

3/25/14: New maternity dress.

Today we went to the hospital under instruction from the doctor during our appointment on 3/18/13. Since I’ll be 28 weeks by my next appointment, she wants me to get some blood assessments and also get my rhogam shot since I’m A-. So we did that. I couldn’t get the glucose test because I ate strawberry waffles for breakfast… Oops. So I’ll have to go back again within the next couple weeks to finish that up. 2nd Trimester is almost over… and my belly is totally getting bigger. I’m having much more terrible getting comfortable in bed to sleep and have added many pillows to cradle the extraness that is my new reality. Also still stuffy all-of-the-time so I’ve had to start using breathright strips nightly so I can breathe. I bought a maternity dress for Blake’s wedding.

It’s really cute but I feel so huge!

I’m having so much trouble sleeping! My belly is jumping around like a bag of Mexican Jumping Beans. My baby is hyper in there and for no reason! I had zero sugar today. He’s been moving around daily and nightly but this is the most he’s moved for the longest time period without breaking so far.

2/3rds Done! 3 Months left to go! Week 28 begins 4/10/14.


3rd Trimester, here I come!


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