Side-note to Aging Women (Particularly Actresses)


I know.  Lip injecting seems like the safe alternative to plastic surgery, but TRUST ME, the desired effect is NOT achieved. I know all that you seem to be taking away from the after appearance is “ooo, look how big my lips look, and how my smile lines have all magically disappeared” and think that it was a success.  But let me educate you.  The only reason your smile lines are gone is that your mouth has stretched to full capacity.  This is not going to look sexy or cute, and least of all young, even with the crazy amount of makeup you threw on top of it to accentuate the blowfish look you have decided was the best decision you have ever made. I know there are two types of lip injections and that some people think that the injection behind the lips is better, and more natural.  Nope.  I actually think that injecting the lip itself, while not natural looking, at least has the desired after affect.  But when you inject shit behind your lips it just makes it look like you were allergic to something that you pigged out on.  Your lips and skin looks stretched with the same shininess that scar tissue has.  A burn victim whose lips were burnt off, then had plastic reconstruction surgery has lips similar to your new fashion choice.

And just in case you thought that no one would notice, let me set the record straight.  Everyone noticed and immediately hoped you didn’t see them staring.  By the way, they were not staring in a good way.  And when they told you that you looked great, it was to hide the fact that they were just caught looking with horror at your damaged face.  Its so gross looking.  It looks like you got stung or punched in the mouth! You don’t tell someone that they made a huge mistake when they have already gone through it.  You don’t tell someone you notice they giant zit or that they look fat (typically) either.  Take a hint from that.  Just because you haven’t had bad reactions (to your face) doesn’t mean that I am the only one who thinks that you have made yourself look ridiculous.

I think that about covers my irritated rant.


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