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This website has both Pages, and Blog Posts which appear as individual pages when clicked on, or which appear as a long scrolling feed page when viewed via the Latest Posts on “Our Blog” page.

I know that this can get confusing… So I hope this page will help with navigation.


Pages are constant will usually be linked to the nav-bar at the top of the site.  They contain content which is not usually date specific and so can be left unaltered for longer periods of time.  For more recent quick content, blog posts are added.  For any topic which a page can be created for long use, one will be added.  Pages, like this one, will also include a personalized sidebar with information relevant to the page topic. To the right, in the sidebar, I have added a Page Index.


Blog Posts:

Blog Posts are a little bit more random.  Usually they will contain quick updates on what is going on in our lives.  They can also include Recipes we want to share, Reviews of books we recently read, or rants if there is something that needs to be said or gotten off of  our chest.  Since there are many different types of Posts in this website, for easier navigation, each post is linked to a category, and post-relevent tags are added.

Post Archive:

In the sidebar to the right, you will see a list with dates.  This is the post archive.  Since posts tend to be more current-event related, this is good way to find date-specific posts.  In the main page view, this archive is available in drop-down format (you will see a white box to click, and once clicked will expand the view for selection).

Latest Blog Posts:

The Recent Blog Posts listed to the right are just that.  This list will auto-update whenever we post a new blog and will display a minimum of the most 10 recent blogs posted.


Content Organization:
Categories & Tags

Categories & Tags are used for organizing content by topics, subtopics, & mentions.  They are used for both Pages and for Blog Posts (to encompass all content).   You can see, to the right, a list of Categories and also a list of Tags via *cloud format. 


The categories are typically more common topics.  They are typically topics that are frequently brought up in posts or in pages.  For instance “Life” is a category because it covers any post that is relevant to our lives, instead of reviews or media, etc.  “Recipes” is also a category, used whenever a a recipe is shared.


The tags are typically much less common topics, or more specific, mentions.  For instance, “Poetry” is a tag used  for the rare occasion when I post a poem for sharing.  I would not add a category for poems, though, because it is not something of which we would commonly add content.  The other type of tag are people-specific mentions.  There is a tag for My Hubby & I, for instance, used whenever a post is to do with one of us.  Usually posts mentioning My Hubby or I would already be in another category so adding our names as Categories would just be layering topics which can get unorganized very quickly.

*Cloud Format: tags are listed in cloud format which shows you larger text on tags used more often, and smaller text on tags which are used less often.  This is a format that is gaining popularity on the internet, and for our site is not editable at this time.


Search Tool:

Also shown on the right, the search tool is one of my favorite site features.  It searches the entire text of each page, and each post, and displays anything mentioning the words entered into the search.  This is a great way to narrow down your viewing if you wish to see only specific information.  Please note, the search will show a list of collapsed items. The pages or posts listed will not show the full posts or pages until the page/post title is clicked.


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