So I might be considering a career other than housewifery..

With Cris out of work for two months now, we’ve started to consider that I might need to go back to work. The idea of going back to mundane office work brings a total dread to my entire existence. Cris and I talked it over and he thinks I have an extremely good chance at a lateral career change… Where now I’m stuck in Microsoft Software Oblivion with typing, data entry, and secretarial duties, I’m considering taking up a more technical field in IT.

Cris has a gigantic A+ Certification book from 1998 that he wants me to learn. I’ve downloaded the newer version to my kindle for studying…and hope that I can actually learn all this stuff in order to become A+ Certified.  How cool would that be!?

If I can actually pull that off,… I think I’d even consider going for a Certification of Achievement, or Associates Degree. If I could make supplemental income writing code or building websites on the side, this could become a stay at home career!

Trying desperately not to get too ahead of myself, but the idea is really worth the effort, I think. I’ve always wanted to do something in the technical or science field so what would be more up my alley than Computer Sciences?

Wish me luck… Wish me persistence.
I’m doing this.


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