So much to update…

Its been a while since posting. I have a few things to update…

Updates on Baby, post-partum health, depression, gallbladder, etc.

I had a baby!

Evie Jo was born on July 3rd. She was two inches shorter than Bronson (18.5″) and 5 oz heavier (6lbs 6oz). She came SO FREAKING FAST! I had what I thought were braxton hicks contractions at around 8am on the 3rd but just went back to sleep. Around 9:30am, I woke up and realized I was still having mini contractions. By around 10:30 they started to hurt pretty badly but were still very irregular and were around 7 to 9 mins apart. Stephanie came over to check me because the pain was bad enough that I wanted to go to the hospital but if I hadn’t dilated yet then they wouldn’t let me stay. When she got here it was about an hour later, around 11:30am. She checked me in the bedroom and freaked out because I was dilated to 7cm. When she told me I was terrified because I knew that they don’t offer epidural or meds past 6cm dilated… Then, because she checked me (and my mucus plug came out) I suddenly had contractions 10x worse and only around 1min apart. So with that, we rushed RUSHED to the hospital. On the way there, I couldn’t stop screaming because they got so bad!! We pulled up to the ER entrance and I slid difficultly from the car seat into the wheelchair. I couldn’t stop screaming and the chair was so uncomfortable… every time I rolled over a rug or a door jam it was worse. They skipped registration at ER because Steph was with us and was able to give them the info they needed to let me straight up to L&D. Still screaming all the way there, they finally rolled me into a delivery room. They logged me in at 11:53am (only 1 1/2 hrs after heavy contractions began). They were tearing my clothes off & trying to get an IV into me while I was contracting and pushing involuntarily, and SCREAMING BEGGING for meds. They checked me again and I was dilated to 10. They held the baby in by putting pressure with their hand right above my pelvis but I still felt like she was trying to come out. Finally a doctor came in and quickly realized I was immediately ready so they told me to push. The first push, the baby crowned. By then my doctor came in and swapped places with the random doctor they had found. By the second push, the baby’s head came out. By the third push, she was born. She was born at 12:06pm… only 13 minutes after getting into the bed.

Afterward, they gave her to me and I still felt TONS of pain since I tore, and they had to wait for my placenta to detach so they could remove it.  I felt them give me a shot to slightly numb the area so they could stitch me up.  They put immense pressure on my uterus to try to get it to contract some and get rid of the excess blood so I didn’t hemorrhage later.  That didn’t feel so good but in comparison to the natural birth it was tolerable.

Post-Partum Health

Post-partum was totally different this time than last time in the hours following her birth.  I had zero meds this time so I wasn’t numb or dizzy from coming down from medicine.  I felt EVERYTHING this time so the pain was still looming.  I hadn’t had a catheter or anything so I had to pee quicker this time too.  Since I wasn’t medicated I wasn’t as dizzy trying to walk.  I tore this time since they didn’t have time to do the epesiatomy so my stitches were more noticeable.  I had hemorrhoids again this time but they didn’t seem as bad as they were with Bronson.  Probably because I did much less pushing this time.

Post-Partum Depression

A week after Evie was born I began to notice that I wasn’t feeling right.  I felt major frustration and anger toward the sudden change in my situation and having to take care of her and Bronson by myself was extremely difficult while hardly able to walk or move around.  I went to see the doctor fairly quickly, by the next week.  She immediately diagnosed me with severe post-partum depression and prescribed Zoloft since I was still breastfeeding.  She also suggested I not be alone with the kids if at all possible so I called family to let them know I would need their help more than I originally thought.  My mom and Norma were amazing, and came over almost daily to help.

It has been 5 weeks since first starting medicine, and 6 weeks since Evie’s birth.  I am feeling much less low than I had but I am still not feeling energetic or happy so i think I will need different medicine ultimately.  I have stopped breastfeeding already… as recommended by the doctor so that switching meds won’t hurt the baby.  My mental health is just more important than breastfeeding.  My doctor wants me to see a psychologist as well so I am trying to find someone which is covered under my insurance that I can begin seeing asap.  Hopefully that will help me get on the right track.

Gallbladder update

Now that I am 6 weeks post-partum, I was able to schedule to see a surgeon for a consultation about removing my gallbladder.  That is in a week from Monday.  Hopefully that whole thing goes smoothly and I can get on recovery soon.


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