Strange Male-Perspective Dream…

Posted by Tajanator on February 11, 2009 at 8:15 AM


**This post is not suitable for younger readers:wink:!**

Strange Dream…

I had the strangest and most disturbing dream ever.

I dreamt I woke up from sleep with male parts instead of normal.

I didn’t realize what happened until I tried to sit to pee and it got all over me. (eww… now I know why guys stand!)

I remembered… I couldn’t stop touching myself cause I felt exposed!  Everything was on the outside… I felt like I needed to block myself from the world by keeping my hands down there at all times.  (I wonder if this is how guys feel… lol).

I realized I had an opportunity to test the untestable.  I decided that before I went back to sleep and my genitals changed back (which is logically the way they changed to begin with), I had to masterbate.  I had to find out why guys like sex more than girls… the key must be in a heightened sense of things… I needed to find out if guys have better orgasms than girls.

Just as I began… I woke up.

I will never know.


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