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Posted by Tajanator on January 10, 2008 at 4:20 PM


On my way to work today, I was realizing something about myself that I had not fully understood until now.

Adults can’t let go of their past.

Example 1=

Older people in their 50’s and older like polyester.

Not because that is the clothing of the old people but because that was the clothing of their era. This polyester thing wont last through many more generations… the look of our older generations have stayed with them for decades because they can’t let go of their past. In “their day” they didn’t wear jeans, they wore slacks. in “their day” they cared about their appearance, curls were in style, page boy, pant creases, flowered dresses, etc. The material of common choice was often polyester… and so our older generations are still seen in this same material.


Example 2=

People in their late 30’s, 40’s & early 50’s were children of the 70’s.

You can still see this age group sporting tie dyed clothing, longer hair, pink Floyd or Beatles t-shirts, typically you wont still see them in bell bottoms cause that is an embarrassment of their particular style. (when it became popular again in the 90’s for a short time, this generation was bewildered and incredibly amused). Since the dresses and “disco” wear were more acceptable, you will still see some of these styles on this generation now. The t-shirt and jeans thing became popular for the first time throughout the 70’s and this style has luckily not worn out yet… so they are mostly just seen as a comfortably dressed generation and not much more.


Example 3=

People in their late 20’s, 30’s & some in their early 40’s are children of the 80’s.

This style of main stream 80’s was so different than ever was before that most of the people in this age group are still holding onto the few things that are still acceptable now. You will still see colored jeans, high top shoes, high scrunchy socks, hair scrunchies, shirts with puff paint or jewels, curly hair with slightly higher bangs than is normal today, colorful windbreaker jackets, belly high jeans with v style stitching just under the button, etc.

This generation was at heart also a t-shirt and jeans group, and so have fallen into the same comfortable category as the generation before it. Pop culture was a little more important, so you will still see this generation wearing shirts that sport some of the great 80’s classics. You will often see the men of this generation in fitted blue jeans, a slightly baggy t-shirt and Reebok tennis shoes.


Now, Example 4=

My generation. The children of the 90’s, people in their early 30’s and mid to late 20’s.


Nirvana’s Kirk Cobain set the style for our short lived style of clothing. Baggy shirts, torn baggy jeans or cargo pants, army inspired materials, camouflage, army green, combat boots, doc martins, plaid flannel shirts and jackets, army jackets, beanie caps or baseball caps over long hair, etc.

Now, my generation were children in the 80’s and most of our pop culture came from 80’s and early 90’s, our generation still sport many shirts with Goonies, back to the future, rainbow bright, etc.

We are also still into t-shirts and jeans though the jeans may be occasionally replaced by cargo pants?

Now, the reason for today’s blog.


I woke up this morning far too late to take a shower and give a shit about what I was putting on for work. I decided on the following outfit:

  1. Army green cargo pants

  2. black doc martin shoes

  3. black thermal under shirt

  4. camo t-shirt over the long sleeve thermal

  5. black army cap

Yea, I just realized today that my style will forevermore be grunge.


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