Surgery Tomorrow…

I have surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning.  If I don’t update in the next week after surgery it is because I have died.  Complications from gallbladder removal can be life threatening – especially if they cause a bleed in my abdomen.

If that happens, I won’t even know.  I just won’t wake up.  Not the best way to die since I will not have reached age 40, but its definitely better than being awake and in pain if I had to choose.  Being put under anesthesia is the DEFINITION of death without pain.

I will miss being able to see my babies grow up.  That will be super sucky.  I love Bronson & Evie more than they’ll ever truly understand.  And worse,… they are so young.  Bronson *might* remember me, being 3. But Evie won’t, guaranteed.

Hopefully I don’t die.

Hopefully this surgery helps my digestion issues and I can continue living and my health will improve.  Having my gallbladder removed is supposed to help me.  Best case scenario is that I no longer have any issues with food, that I have no complications, and that I continue to lose weight.

Lets hope for that one.  The other is too dreary… and just morbid. 


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