Pushing for motivation

July 18, 2016

I am desperate for motivation and to have someone or something keep me accountable for my health goals.  I am trying sparkpeople again… its an app/ fitness tracker. If you want to keep up with my tracking and fitness, I’ve added a weight tracker in the sidebar.

Life Reset Month 3.5 – Owning It (for now)

May 17, 2016

I posted in February originally about doing a Life Reset. I hit a few snags and got pretty down on myself… but lately things are looking up a tad. As a reminder… the life reset goals were as follows: Never get drunk Read more Blog more Follow through in watching TV shows Get on a […]

Life Reset Update…. Month 2

March 28, 2016

My life feels like a whirlwind of disappointment, misunderstandings, frustration, and disorder. My “life reset” is a fucking joke.  Although many of the points are achieved easily, it has done nothing to better my life or experience thereof.  Lets recap: Never get drunk Read more Blog more Follow through in watching TV shows Get on […]

life Reset Update… Month 1

February 21, 2016

So its been about one month since my post about rebooting my life.  I haven’t done amazing but, give me a break, its been only one month.  My mini-goals were as follows: Never get drunk, Read more, Blog more, Follow through in watching TV shows, Get on a schedule, Eat better food (and less food), […]

I need a life reset button.

January 27, 2016

Wil Wheaton is a personal hero of mine.  He is in Star Trek, yes, but that is not the only reason.  He has a blog if you want to familiarize yourself… anyway he recently posted to his blog that he is rebooting his life.  I really like that idea… I wish I had the follow-through.  […]