So much to update…

August 19, 2017

Its been a while since posting. I have a few things to update… Updates on Baby, post-partum health, depression, gallbladder, etc. I had a baby! Evie Jo was born on July 3rd. She was two inches shorter than Bronson (18.5″) and 5 oz heavier (6lbs 6oz). She came SO FREAKING FAST! I had what I […]

Post Pregnancy Medical Shit (what they DON’T tell you)

April 22, 2015

During my pregnancy, I got healthy. I ate only healthy foods and actually lost much of my accumulated body fat. By the third trimester I was thin. I weighed 184 because I was fully pregnant. Even though I was 170 before the pregnancy, I dropped quickly to 155 after my son was born. Breastfeeding They […]