MyFitnessPal – Day 2

This post is restricted. You must be logged in to view this post and its content. If you are logged in and are still seeing this message, then this might be a just-for-me entry. When I have something very personal going on, I still use this for my diary.. but I am not always ready to share immediately. As time goes by, the my-eyes-only posts often are converted to members-only. Thank you for understanding. -Tajanator (more…)

I still hate you, Facebook 

I also hate (and am damn tired of): Arguing, Hate speech, Politics, Wars, Liars, Crazy people, Killings, Rights wars, Etc….  All of which are a rampant part of Facebook. It’s no wonder my only enjoyment comes from fantasy fiction. I get away from it by playing videogames, reading novels, watching TV, and also occasionally enjoying research in astronomy, physics, and… Read more (more…)

sarcasm doctype

As a geek with knowledge in basic coding… and as someone who has been on the receiving end of a misinterpreted post, i suggest the sarcasm HTML DOCTYPE be introduced and implimented. Example: <pre><code title="This is how we write sarcasm when tone-of-voice is unavailable"> <sarcasm> No one ever reads posts wrong... especially not on Facebook! </sarcasm> </code></pre> (more…) Read more

The Social Addiction…

I can’t stay away from those stupid apps! I’ve created, and deleted three Facebook profiles now. And just realized that my Instagram was only a replacement, not a solution… I hate them and love them. I keep feeling like I’m missing something, like I’m out of the loop.. Then I make a new account and my friends still aren’t really… Read more (more…)