Health Update.. Thyroid, Hairloss, Cholesterol

I feel like I am very slowly gaining ground on my health crap.  Just a little, but still not bad. I had some interesting news at the doctor’s office today.  I have some stuff to think about – need to figure out how to fix my diet with all the stuff she mentioned today. Cholesterol In December 2014, when I… Read more (more…)

What this new dieting failure has taught me

I was really excited about the NSNG diet.  I wanted to be good at it, and I really started to research the benefits.  Then I discovered something.  NSNG doesn’t want you to eat many fruits
because of their “sugars” thing so I was moving toward a heavy-veggie diet.  But guess what!? Many veggies are in direct conflict with my hypothyroid disorder Read more “What this new dieting failure has taught me”