Depression is a cold hearted bitch

Life really sucks balls sometimes.  My life has been as such for a while now.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful life and have no feelings of woe to the contrary, but there has been some shit gone down over the last couple years that I like to believe has ended with my Grandmother’s death.

Let me back it up a little…

I would say that the shit storm began with my miscarriage back in September 2011.  Actually, maybe sooner than that… lets say it began with the pregnancy.  Obviously the pregnancy didn’t go well.  I found out that I am A- blood type so shots are required for your body to not kill off the child.  Bleeding began almost immediately.  I had to take two months off of work. When it was at the brink of the end, I couldn’t get out of it without going into full labor.  Geezus – pregnancy is a very medical, very traumatic, very disgusting thing.

After the miscarriage -besides the now very real financial issues- things mostly went back to normal… if normal is a really depressed married couple coping with a loss in two very different ways.  My husband is a social person and, therefor, wanted to be super social to forget his troubles.  I am very introverted and antisocial so staying at home vegging was my personal remedy.  We found each other again months later in June 2012 when he got a job badass enough for me to quit mine.  I would say things got 300% better after that.  well… except for the family stuff.

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