That no-bread thing, but on a whole new level: NSNG

On May 7th, I decided to try to stop eating breads and soda.  Apparently I totally stumbled on to something huge.  I have had a really tough time actually staying away from breads and grains because they are EVERYWHERE.  And that goes for sugars as well.  So to help myself get a better idea of what foods are left when you cut out two hugely main ingredients found in all restaurants and grocery stores, I found some experts on the subject.

Vinnie Tortorich is the fitness guru that originally inspired my no-bread thing in the first place so I went to his website to learn more.  Apparently there was a ton that I wasn’t taking in to consideration.

The lifestyle choice if officially called “NSNG” which stands for No Sugars No Grains.  This is no diet.  This is a change in the way you look at food.  Once you see food for what it really is, and realize just how bad your old habits were, you would not want to just diet anyway.  If I fall back into old habits this time, it will be with a full understanding that I am not eating properly.  It makes falling off the wagon more like falling off a wagon into mud… weird metaphor but still.

So as for my lack of progress thusfar: for the last month I have been trying and failing to cut out all bread, pasta, and sweeteners.  Thus I have had almost zero results.  However, this is not a bad thing.  This month was a really good first step.  I learned to really watch what I was given, what is on a menu, and what I cook or prepare for my lunches.  I failed several times to satisfy my hunger and turned to bread more than once.  But I found that those days made me a lot more sluggish.  Those days made me feel more bloated.  As a first step, it is good to realize how carbs had been affecting me in an immediately noticeable energy drop. I am optimistic (most days) about what this means.  If I can truly get away from grains and sugars, then this can open up much more than just my ability to lose weight or become more healthy but also to become more energetic and maybe (hopefully) more active?  Inactivity is akin to falling into a deep chasm with no cell service and almost no light.  No one can help you become active again.  No one can tell you how.  Nothing helps.

Anyway, I am hoping that I can learn better what I am supposed to buy now for better meals and hopefully my next update will include a weight loss as well.  Or even some major exercise achievements.  Not getting my hopes up on that one yet.

The biggest hurdle for me is going to be the sweeteners.  I take my daily 20oz coffee with 3 and each large tea with 2 sweet-n-lows.  I live on sweeteners.  And its just one of a thousand things that I have to give up on.  But apparently on the NSNG website, there is a recipe for “Bulletproof Coffee” which is safe and is a good alternative to quitting coffee all together.

Too much to think about.  I get extremely depressed and also somewhat excited when I think about it all.  Wish me luck.



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