That time when I tried to cut out bread..

I have had a really plump last few years.  I’ve gotten older, had a kid, and my thyroid stopped working.  All these things can individually cause weight trouble, let alone all three.  I am lucky I haven’t broke 200 pounds yet… but if I don’t figure this thing out – and soon – that dreaded 200 pound readout on the scale might be in my future.

With thyroid issues, nothing is guaranteed to work.. but with real health issues, I need to try to make some changes…  After doing some research and paying attention a little more, I have come to learn that there are some really big evils in our society where food is concerned.  Firstly that bread is just terrible for you.  Second that “diet” versions of stuff only increase sugar content making them even worse than the original product.  Thirdly that sugar is in everything including juices which make them as bad as soda.  Diet soda isn’t any better.

So with this all in mind, my first step is a simple one, but should make a pretty big impact on my daily diet.

I am going to try to cut out Soda (and juice), and I am going to cut out Breads.

Soda is easy, so I am not worried about my progress on that one.

Bread will be much much harder.  Since bread is in EVERYTHING I am only going to concern myself with loaves of actual bread at first.  No bread, biscuits, cupcakes, cakes, bagels, etc.  Eventually this will include pasta & crackers and grains and stuff – but I am not going to try to do all at once or failure would be imminent.

So, there it is.  Wish me luck!  My current weight on my home scale is 180lbs… consider this my official weigh in. (Also this… B41=40B, W36, H45=P16) If this changes, I will post updates.  Hopefully I don’t give up soon as per usual…

Anyone who wants to learn more about what foods to avoid – this is an amazing and eye-openning documentary:
Fed Up


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