The Bachelorette Party!

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August 31, 2008 – Sunday
The Bachelorette Party!
Current mood: hungover
I had my Bachelorette Party last night and it was a blast! We started off at Chuys for dinner and then went to a new bar in RoyalDale called “Rock Star”. It was funny, all the bar tenders were dressed up like 80s rockers. The men and ladies bathrooms said “Roadies” and “Groupies” haha.
There were 3 other bachelorette party groups there too! Boo. But they made us all go behind the bar for beer bongs… which I almost finished… but the beer was way too cold to down all of it so quickly. But it was fun anyway.
I had with me:
My mom, Kris, Sara, Janet, Amber, Lindsay, and Anna. As far as I could see, EVERYONE had fun!!
After the bar, we tried Muggs but they were totally dead, so we gave up on the bar scene and went back to the house where we watched Teen Witch (one of my favs) and then Elvira.
I was the only one really watching the second movie as it was around 2:30am by then which was bed time. I personally only saw the first part of the movie before I fell asleep myself at around 3:30am.
Thankyou everyone who came to my party!! Thanks for making it totally fun!!
If you took pictures, I want copies of them!!  You can upload them directly to my Photo Gallery page!!


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