The Geneology Project

My cousin Jaron brought some amazing photos over to my grandpa’s house for us to look over. I convinced him to allow me to scan them, which i did, and it got me thinking of our family’s history.

His family linage and mine meet up somewhere with one very important link. My great grandpa Narziß was born to Paulina Enderle & Samual Yanz. I’d always been confused why he didn’t take the name Yanz and finally decided to get to the bottom of it. So I began working on my family tree.

As each generation is born, I worry that we get farther and farther from the facts.  Less and less people seem to know who is who or how we are related and worth Bronson being born it made me want to gather all the Information that i could so he will have it one day.

I found a TON more than I’d expected and in an extremely short amount of time.

I will be posting updates to my finds (somehow) and Wil get it more and more organized as i continue to find new stuff.

For now, everything i currently know is located HERE.

I also found out my Aunt Lynda had done a bunch of research too. She gave me the link to her findings as well.

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