The Neverending Story -Book vs Movie (I never knew!!)

The Neverending Story -Book vs Movie (I never knew!!)

Posted by Tajanator on June 2, 2010 at 5:36 PM comments (0)


I never knew this!!  I just found Michael Ende’s website. He is the author of ‘The Neverending Story’ – the German novel that was written in 1979 & made into a movie in 1984.

Anyway… This movie is my all time favorite & has been for several years.  No change in ranking is perceivable in the near future… I friggin’ LOVE this movie.


I have started reading like a crazy book-obsessed weirdo, so -of course- added Michael Ende’s Neverending Story to my list of MUST-READ books.  Well… in curiosity, I read the excerpt on Michael Ende’s website discussing his thoughts on the movie – and OMG!! He hated the movie!! He didn’t like what they did to the characters & to the story!  He though it was dumbed down for children and visually over produced… I was so shocked that I moved this book to the top of my list and began reading it last night.  After 2 chapters, I have an idea of why he may have been angry.  The characters described are not shown correctly in the movie!! – I know, right!? – There are big differences too in character names… such as the land of Fantasia – is actually called Fantastica.  & The “Rock- Biters” are actually Rock Chewers… Bastian is supposed to be chubby… The racing snail is driven by a small man known as a Tiny… its a snail sized snail… not a ginormous racing snail… lol!  I am sure I will be adding to this post as I read. I just thought these few differences were pretty interesting!!


Michael Ende’s Website




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