The Social Addiction…

I can’t stay away from those stupid apps!

I’ve created, and deleted three Facebook profiles now. And just realized that my Instagram was only a replacement, not a solution… I hate them and love them.

I keep feeling like I’m missing something, like I’m out of the loop.. Then I make a new account and my friends still aren’t really talking to me just posting arbitrary stuff as always… My true friends and I socialize in real life so it’s just not necessary. It’s just a time suck… Nothing more.

So I give up. My social network will be Twitter only. And only until it, too, shows it’s true colors. I prefer my blog (this site) where my day to day is shared with only those who seek it out and actually want to know. With this I don’t feel like I’m jumping up and down in a room full of my own friends screaming “look at me, look at me!” 😀

Hopefully this will be the last time I attempt a social network. I just think I’ve outgrown it… Oh well.


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