Third Trimester Journal: 7th Month! (4/3/14 – 5/3/14)

This is my third and final Trimester!!

To begin, as of today I am 27 weeks along, and ending my sixth month so it’s time for another belly picture!


Today Cris crossed this off of his bucket list. I was pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen, and caught on camera. Lol

Today we had anther doctor appointment. She did an ultrasound, but blocked my view the entire time, chewed me out for not having a full bladder which she swore she told me, even though she absolutely did not since i would have remembered, and been excited, had i been told about the ultrasound since she’d only done one so far and that was way back in week 11!! It wasn’t the best appointment. So I scheduled another Baby Sightings so I could see the little guy! Two days…

Baby Sightings was amazing, just as before. We got to see his little face and he totally looks like Cris! He has Cris’s mouth and lips, his profile, even his feet! We were also told that he’s got hair on his head!

Today we did our Belly Pics Photo Shoot for the baby shower invitations. Norma took the photos. They turned out amazing!

My ankles swelled up today after standing for just over a half hour while talking to Norma by my car. This pic was taken after I got home, after some of the swelling had gone down.

Now officially done with month #7! only two months to go!

I can’t imagine my belly being bigger! Crazy


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