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Posted by Tajanator on November 19, 2010 at 9:00 AM


So, I we are currently trying to have a baby. That is a really big deal!!!! For a really long time up to now I was not really interested in having a child. Kids kind-of scare me a little bit. I have little patience. I also don’t really like messes. And, even though I don’t consider myself to be a selfish person on most levels, I can admit that I have been too selfish to be a mom. I would not enjoy the sudden lack of attention from my husband. Cris has been wanting kids since forever and always knew he wanted kids (like opposite of me). And, I know that where our home life is concerned… the baby would come first. I am not stupid- I KNOW the baby comes first; it SHOULD come first… its a baby! That’s why I have considered myself selfish because I know that having a baby is supposed to be the most important thing and I was not ready to have my own time – to myself yet!!


Anyway… I am 29 years old and I realized that I do want kids eventually… but if I were to wait too long I probably would not enjoy them as much later as I would now. I will only continue to get older and lose my energy level as time goes by so I would prefer to be younger with kids than to keep waiting and be older with less energy. So, we stopped preventing pregnancy about a year ago. We didn’t start “trying” immediately, we just stopped using protection… and stopped other methods of prevention. We were actually quite surprised that we didn’t get pregnant immediately lol.


So, now… we are actually “trying” to get me pregnant. We have begun timing my cycle and paying more attention to detail where the process is concerned. Cris keeps asking me if I can tell if I am pregnant yet. lol. I know he is joking.. but it seems like he partially means it. So, I asked all the mommies I know on Facebook to give me their “first signs” of pregnancy.


From all of the many comments I got, I learned that most girls get sore boobs, most become extremely lethargic, and most show changes in behavior such as changes in appetite or extreme emotions.  These various symptoms can be the first signs of pregnancy beginning at 10 days – around the same time one should be having / missing their period.  Since the first period after conception will usually remain, it is not really accurate to use the “skipped the period” as a first sign of pregnancy.


Cris and I have calculated the time of conception and believe we have been trying during the correct times… Now we wait to see if any of it will do us any good.  Hopefully we can expect a child in 9 months… but I may just be being hopefull.  I will keep you updated…


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