BofA can change your transaction history?? WTF?!

Scary situation at the bank this week. Our deposit on Tuesday keeps disappearing then reappearing hours later causing notifications of account balance drop… today the dumb thing (which is still “processing” even though it was a cash deposit in the branch) duplicated itself causing our balance to shoot up suddenly. That would be awesome if anything had actually processed but nope. Now there are two deposits in forever processing mode… called the bank yesterday and they had no explanation. They just said “wow how weird” Continue This Post…»

Worried about baby’s size among other things… 

So the doctor keeps mentioning that the baby is small. She said the baby is growing which is the important thing… but my belly doesn’t seem to be growing if the mirror is any indication.  The size of my belly has actually seemed to decrease in size since the 7month mark.  Not to mention the fact that I have been losing weight steadily since the beginning of May.  This, of course, is due to the whole gallbladder situation and the resulting diet required to keep me steady until I can have surgery…

If I am just losing weight from the diet I am OK with that – as long as the baby is still getting bigger.  Her health is more important, especially now.

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38 Weeks as of today. My pregnant belly has been shrinking…

38 Weeks as of today. My pregnant belly has been shrinking steadily since the 7 month mark … Probably due to my stupid gallbladder diet. But it’s still fairly alarming. Doc said the baby is small but so was Bronson, me, my brother, my mom, etc. So I’m sure that’s normal. She measured her at 5 lbs as of 37 weeks. I still feel more pregnant each week as she gets noticeably heavier. But it’s just odd looking in the belly pix for my belly to be decreasing in size… 😕

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Anxiety boost, 3 weeks before my due date

Pregnancy has been long and very frustrating… But lately all I can think about is whether or not Evie has formed correctly or not. The doctor isn’t doing ultrasounds so I haven’t seen her since she was just 18weeks gestation (and that was at Baby Sightings). Now I’m nearly 37 weeks. Are her limbs all accounted for? Is her head & brain normal? I’m seriously having all of the worst scenerios jumping through my head at any given moment… It’s making me crazy! 

Backyard Renovation

I have become obsessed with the redesign of our backyard.

I am tired of how ugly it is.  It is overgrown in some areas and weedy or splotchy in others.  Its not attractive. There is almost no shade.  We have zero comfortable places to sit.  It is constantly being taken over by spiders. And there is no organization for Bronson’s playtime and outdoor toys.

I have put together a list of things I want to do to the yard.  And I am trying to figure out how to layout the ideas into a sort of blueprint so that we can DIY some of it before we have money to invest in anyone professional.Continue This Post…»