Twilight… ahhhh, twilight…

Twilight… Ahhhh twilight…

Posted by Tajanator on November 30, 2009 at 2:42 PM

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Excellent!!  Awesome Book!!  Radtacular!!  Nearing Obsession!!

Ok, so I didn’t read this book until after I saw not only Twilight the movie, but also Twilight: New Moon the movie.  My dad & mom had read the books, along with my friends Celeste, Amber, & Lyndsie.  They all said they were awesome that I HAD to read them.  Since I didn’t completely hate the movie, I decided to give it a try.

The reading was MUCH easier than I would have thought.  I enjoyed every word that gave me the filler to the holes I noticed in the movie versions.  I really like that there was some pretty good explanations for the reasons for Edward & Bella’s awkwardness in the movie.


The movie didn’t fully explain or display any real reason for Edward to go from Hate to Protectiveness in the movie.  It was a giant hole in the story that I hated.  I “accepted” the story line as true without reason… but I typically do not like to just “accept” rules with no explanation.  Obviously we are dealing with an alternate reality where vampire exist… but within alternate realities, there are rules developed within these realities that explain how each new species works… It was awkward to see Edward be so resistant then fall so quickly in love with Bella… and the points in which he was upset/ mad/ happy/ etc… seemed to come without transition, of which the book details awesomely.

Now that I am done ragging in the movie version….

Let me just conclude that the book has great characters, and really really reels you into the story.  Its difficult to attempt to break away because there are no rests in the story to break away from.  Bella & Edward create a relationship with more longing and suspense than I have ever read in any story before it.  The romance is just enough to keep you wanting more but in no way over shadows the vampire story underneath.  It doesn’t leave you blushing or rushing to the dentist because it is way to sweet… its not overly cheesy like some romantic stories can be and the longing is the main presents to the romance.  You also have to enjoy the individual supporting characters who in each are perfectly represented in a way that you feel you really know them personally and you don’t just know enough to get by.

Great book.


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