Update 01/18/09

Wedding Pictures:

We have finally uploaded a bunch of our wedding pictures!  I hand scanned them into the computer but didn’t scan all of them.  There are around 300 pictures total, I scanned a little over 100.  Those are viewable in our Photo Gallery.  You can view them in the Wedding Album too but they are smaller.

Other news:

Cris finally got the job with Best Buy’s Geek Squad that he wanted and we are slowly seeing a change in our income.  Hopefully the house, the debt free life, and the hopes for a baby can finally become a reality.  We are getting closer and closer to finally starting our life and starting a family.  And, we are very excited about it!

His schedule is very difficult to work with right now because we are on different schedules.  He works Tuesday – Saturday, and I work Monday – Friday.  We only have Sundays off together and so, of course the day is everything but relaxing.  I can’t wait until he gets his own van and is put back on the normal scheduling which will mirror my own schedule.

Our cat, Kiddy, is now in heat.  Yea… I had no idea this lasted so long!  We are extremely excited to get her fixed.  She is scheduled for surgery 2/2/09 thank goodness!  For now, we have to stick her in the garage to muffle the constant noise making.  We can’t even call it meowing anymore… it is more like howling now.  I would feel bad for her except that she started spraying.  Eew.

That is pretty much all for now.  I will let you all know when something new and interesting happens.


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