Update Clash of Clans 6.56.1 to Kindle Fire HD 4/9/14

I have a Clash of Clans game on my phone and also on my Kindle Fire. It isn’t the same game… since you cannot login to Google + with Kindle, but the app became useless with the update that rolled out today because it kept trying to force an update, which tried to go to a Google Play link, which Kindle doesn’t support, and therefor it was a circular problem until the update was somehow forced.  No link via the internet was any help since the update just came out this hour, so I figured out a solution and am posting it here in order to share the information with anyone else who may have had the same issue.

First of all, I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and got the update through Google Play via that device.  I also have ES File Manager 3 downloaded on both my Kindle (available at the Amazon app store) and also on my Galaxy S3 (available at the Google Play store).

Secondly, both devices are linked through my WiFi network at my house.  I am not positive that the link would have been possible without ES File Manager as each device cannot find the other through any other app (that I am aware of).

Now, to copy the update from your Samsung to your Kindle, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ES File Manager on both devices
  2. Find the Clash of Clans app.
    (This is a rooted app and so cannot be found in the normal file manager)
  3. Open the App Manager with the Android Andy icon ()
    (There are four icons at the top in the app window: Homepage, App Manager, LAN, & Cloud.)
  4. Scroll down the app list until you find the Clash of Clans app.
    (Properties of this file should show “Version:6.56.1 Size:49.98 MB”)
  5. Hold your finger over the icon until a checkbox appears checked.
  6. On the bottom of the app page, you will see “Send” (), Click it.
  7. The app will begin scanning.  Allow it to scan but if nothing comes up, click the back button on your phone to exit the “hint” and you should see a device listed as an IP address.
  8. If both of your devices are open to the ES File Manager, then your Kindle should be in that list (it probably won’t say kindle, just the ip address of your kindle).  Click it.
  9. Now click Send at the bottom right of the app page.  If it asks where to transfer, easiest is to transfer to the Download folder in your Kindle.
  10. You should see the file initiate transfer on both devices.
  11. After transfer, navigate to the file on your ES File Manager and click it.
    (You will need your Kindle Settings to allow you to install apps from outside sources turned ON)
  12. It should automatically initiate a setup once clicked.  Be sure to only update the new information and not to replace the whole app so that your game save is still in tact.

Vuala!  Your Clash of Clans app is now updated.


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