Wedding Party Quitters

Posted by Tajanator on January 5, 2008 at 11:28 AM


January 5, 2008 – Saturday


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My wedding party just got smaller. My X-Friend decided about a month ago that she was -yet again- dumping me as a friend. I should have seen that coming, she is one of the most fickle people I have ever met.

Yesterday I found out that this x-friend has taken over the “I hate Taja”-train.

Now, another one of my bridesmaids has decided she is not attending the wedding… this must mean she is not going to be a bridesmaid.

I expected childish behavior from the first bridesmaid, but this one older & My Hubby and I were shocked to find out how immature she actually is!! When you get past a certain age, shouldn’t childish drama be a thing of the past??


One of Cris’s groomsmen may not be there now too, cause he is gonna marry the fickle one…

Our wedding party is shrinking. The only ones who will be left standing are the ones who actually want to be there. I am glad to find out now instead of like, during the wedding!!


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