Weekend loneliness

I am really NOT looking forward to my weekend without Cris and Bronson… Cris has a big event down in LA for someone’s birthday.  Bronson has a weekend with his Nana & Papa (Craig & Susan) to visit Sara, the Zoo, and the Discovery Center.

I could clean, goodness knows we need it, and I could spend the time to my liking, and play videogames or whatever,… but I don’t have much faith in my follow-through.  I am sure I won’t play videogames, and I won’t read… I will sit there depressed, worried about Bronson at a zoo after the headlines this year, worried about Cris on his bike for that many miles, and I will end up watching reruns, doing nothing, until I can cry myself to sleep.

After Susan & Craig pickup Bronson Saturday morning, I am contemplating going back to bed until they bring him back on Sunday evening.  That should make it easier to deal.

Oh, also I might be pregnant.  Haven’t started my period, and we perfectly timed our potential conception this month.  So, I guess that means I shouldn’t get drunk or anything.. which blows because that might have been a good waste of time.

Anyway… I am going to pickup Bronson and enjoy my night with him.  Then tomorrow and Sunday will be a blur… actually I might have dinner with my dad or mom those nights too if I can swing it.  It would be a nice break in the monotony. Then Bronson should be home by Sunday evening.  Cris might even be home around the same time.

Monday is a holiday, thank goodness.  And then there is a big BBQ Monday at 11am at my Dad’s with Norma’s family.  So we might do that too.

I just hope Bronson and Cris are safe.. and come home no later than the exact minute that I expect them.  Those two boys are my entire world.


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