Weight loss turning point!!

Posted by Tajanator on July 10, 2009 at 3:28 PM


I am so over this. I am going to be skinny once and for all. Give me 4 months total, and I will wow you all. I am beginning my new diet this week (as of Monday).

My whole day will include slim fast breakfast, slimfast lunch, and reasonable dinner… total calories for each day cannot go over 1200 with this diet. with each shake being 190, my dinners can be as high as 820 calories which is pretty much anything I want. I am going to be like i used to be. this is ridiculous; I couldn’t even get skinny for my own damn wedding!! I will always regret not being skinny in my white gown.

I am not going to regret anything else! My weight is under my control, not my appetite’s control. The pros and cons of weight loss is too noticeable to do nothing. The only con- the one single thing that i will miss is my incredibly large appetite. that is all!! I miss many more things this way than i will ever miss when i am skinny but don’t eat ice cream!! I

hate myself for not doing this sooner. I have stretched skin and saggy arms. My belly is always popping out over my jeans, it disgusts me! This will not hold me back any longer. Skinny jeans, here i come!!!


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