Welcome our baby boy: Bronson Cole!

Well, it’s over. I’m no longer pregnant. My Bubby came into this world on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 1:33am. He was 6 lbs, 1 oz, &  20 1/2 Inches long. He was born at Memorial Hospital.

My Bubby Cole ♥

My water broke at 5:15pm 6/23/14.  It broke like it does in the movies and in TV; if I had been in a skirt, and standing over tile, you would have heard a splash!  I knew, obviously, that it was time and did the sitcom phone call to My Hubby “Honey, my water just broke. It is time!” then I texted his and my parents.  His mom and dad, and my mom rushed over.  Mom had McDonald’s in tow: Norma had warned me that I wouldn’t be allowed to eat for some time if I didn’t do it before getting to the hospital. I had a yummy cheeseburger and some water and waited for Cris.  I began to feel cramps at about 5 min intervals immediately.  My Hubby got home around 5:35pm and we headed out!

We arrived at the hospital and were greeted by our friend Stephanie (who happens to be one of the head ER nurses, there).  My contractions were about 3 mins apart.  By the time I got to the room, I was dilated to 3.  I wasn’t in much pain yet…

A couple hours went by and by the time I dilated to 6 I was really ready for pain meds.  The anesthesiologist was busy with back to back c-sections so they had to convince him to squeeze me in between procedures because I was screaming & crying by then… (goodness! they were horrible!!)

After the epidural, I just sat waiting for full dilation.

Around midnight, I had fully dilated.  I took a labor selfie at this point – I thought it wou

ld be funny later… (Apparently it pissed some other women off) lol.

Dilated to 10 – almost done!


Pushing didn’t take long.  We started at around 12:45am… I was surprised that I was calling the shots in there.  I told them when it was time to push, and pushed, and they just sorta counted me through it.  I was in charge and we got the job done pretty quick!  He was born at 1:33am after about 45mins of pushing.  Not too shabby!!

They did something fairly new but that had become policy in recent months – they gave him to me for hours before measuring & weighing him.  They had be feed him several times before bathing him.  They are now under the assumption that unless it is totally necessary, it is not urgent, so those things were done much later.  I was happy about that. I got a lot of time with him before they did all that stuff that took him away from me.

We took many photos in the hospital.  I have created a Gallery Page with Bronson’s hospital pictures.  I am also taking pictures daily and will be uploading them to other galleries in Bronson’s Photo Galleries.  See some of them below or click the links to view them all. ♥♥

My Hubby with his son ♥ New family ♥

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