What a great weekend, we had ♥

I can be a real Debbie Downer… but we totally had fun this weekend.  We went to my dad’s on Saturday for food and family time then Reagan came home with me and Bronson for horror movie night. We watched The Haunting (The movie version of the Shirley Jackson book) and The Shining (I’m sure you screenshot_20160717-195344.pngknow that Stephen King wrote this even though Jack Nicholson made it iconic..).  We also stayed up until 2am due to pausing the movie to talk too much, but it was nice.

Then Sunday was totally sun-day fun-day. Blake’s parents had a big family BBQ and we all headed over for some super fun swimming time.  I was in a rare good mood so I got my swimsuit and actually wore it, and actually swam – all day!  Bronson was so much fun in the pool!  I tried to teach him to hold his breath which he is terrible at.

And I wasn’t so freaked because we had a toddler swimming life-vest for him.  He felt safer and got braver as the day went along.  He started getting out and jumping to me from the side of the pool.  This was scary at times since he kept running over to areas that I couldn’t get to as quickly within the pool so I was scared he would jump in without me there but we had no incidents.

Reagan came too and swam some.  She stayed pretty shy most of the day but she seemed to get along with Hannah and Michael a little.  They are all the same age and She and Hannah are both in to the same videogames, book series’, and are even in color guard at their schools.  So I totally figured they would hit it off.

Some more photos from the day

I got a pose by the pool with my little fishy.
Bronson in his wifebeater toga.

Bronson had no clothes but his swimmers, so afterward, Daddy let him wear his wifebeater tank.  He looked like he was wearing a toga so Cris taught him to say “toga, toga, toga” (like Animal house).  This became funnier as he started chanting it and wondering around the backyard in the tank top.  It was pretty damn adorable.



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