Why my hubby deserves a tolerance award

When we met I was energetic, skinny, randy, and cute. I had blondish long hair which was fairly thick, no glasses, no health issues, and could hold my own at parties. I liked to socialize even if I still preferred one-on-one conversation.

When we married I had gained a little weight but nothing crazy. I was still healthy, and happy.

Since then, we have had life hit me upside the head a few times.

Here are the ways in which I am not the person I was: I am obese (almost). I have thinning hair. I have thick glasses. I am moody. I am depressed. I am not social. I don’t like parties, bars, or booze. I cry easily. I’m never randy. I have a few autoimmune issues. My thyroid is broken. I am not energetic or active. I am no longer me. I am no longer the woman Cris married.

I really hope he doesn’t realize all of this… I don’t want him to give up on me just yet.

Gallery – the fall of me ê

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