Worried about baby’s size among other things… 

So the doctor keeps mentioning that the baby is small. She said the baby is growing which is the important thing… but my belly doesn’t seem to be growing if the mirror is any indication.  The size of my belly has actually seemed to decrease in size since the 7month mark.  Not to mention the fact that I have been losing weight steadily since the beginning of May.  This, of course, is due to the whole gallbladder situation and the resulting diet required to keep me steady until I can have surgery…

If I am just losing weight from the diet I am OK with that – as long as the baby is still getting bigger.  Her health is more important, especially now.

Her weight is supposed to increase rapidly in the last few weeks and if that isn’t happening then it can result in health complications which would be devastating to me.

Cris has begun to worry now too which is not like him, which makes me stress too because if he is worried then it might be something to actually worry about.  When I worry, a lot of the time, I try to just chalk it up to hormones… he has no hormones to blame.

My due date is July 4th.  My doctor knows that my impending gallbladder surgery has to wait until I am healed from the delivery so to speed things along, she has scheduled me to be induced by July 5th if the baby doesn’t come on her own.

This is good news, to me. Even though I am scared to death of pitocin, I also want her out and eating on her own – especially if my diet is hindering her health and weight gain.  The doctor said she should be around 5lbs (as of 37 weeks) which is good. Not preferable of course… but a 5 lbs baby is usually strong enough to be on their own and not have to go straight to the NICU.  And she has time to grow from 5 lbs since I am now a week and a half past that ultrasound.

Anyway, worries have snuck in and taken over so we are just ready for this pregnancy to be over already.  My mom and dad, and much of my family & friends are SURE that she will come this weekend.  Mostly because Bronson was born on Cris’s birthday – and because Evie’s due date is only ONE day different than Bronson’s was.  So this means that the baby has an unusual probability of being born on Cris’s & Bronson’s birthday… which would be funny.  I am OK with it happening this weekend or sooner, of course, because that means it will happen soon, and before the due date which I want anyway.


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